Hey there! If you are reading this post, it means that I somehow overcame the tremendous inertia I was in during the month of March. Did I post my weekly reflections? Yes, but the concept of “week” had to be a bit extended. Do I think this is problem? Of course I do, but after an year of social isolation, I learned that the recipe to avoid anxiety is… well, I don´t know what it is, but I would guess it includes a bit of self-indulgence and a lot of acceptance, two ingredients that I generously used this month.

Nevertheless, I new month is about to start and I promised myself that things would change around here, although I didn´t know exactly how, so I decided to start by checking my to-do list. I always discover something nice there and I feel like moving fast forward every time I rearrange its items. Good, old to-do list!

On the top of it, I read: “upload last tour videos”. Ok, sounds good. Can do it. Let me explain it to you: on the last year of the old normal, aka 2019, I had a tremendous experience travelling through a lot of places in South America in a double mission: both as a singer and as an assistant to Prof. L., who was interviewing cartoonists in Montevideo, Córdoba, Santiago, Lima and Quito. Remember the good days, when we could travel like this? Boy, oh, boy!

Anyway, the double identity led me to a poor amount of visual content of the trip, but I do have some pictures and short videos that I would like to share with you on my YouTube channel. This is my big task for April. You may find it too humble of a task for a whole month, you obviously ignore the size of my to-do list. It is really very long, but seriously, if you are one of those “I keep my to-do list short” kind of person, keep on the good work! And, please, tell me your secret. Meanwhile, I will be realistic. Besides, April is also International Jazz Day month, but this is another story, Morning Glory.

Be seeing you!

G. F.

On my previous post I talked about the influence of cartoons and movies I watched during my childhood on my musical taste and today I would like to share with you some thoughts on a song included in my first solo album (Geisa Fernandes). It is called Grandes Causes (Great Causes).

Unlike most of my songs, I am not able to tell its “zero point”, the first idea, the match that started the fire of ideas that consumes the mind of any songwriter in action. I´ve tried everything: from searching in all hidden corners of my memory to double checking the little notebooks I use to write the first version of any lyrics. And yet nothing. No clues at all. Does it feel weird not to remember the inspiration for a creation of your own? Yes, it does! A lot. On the other hand, when I read the lyrics of this tune, the words are so clear and meaningful to me that it sounds more like a manifesto.

The first verses say:

“In my opinion
People should only die
Of love
Or for great causes”

If you ask me what is my definition of a great cause, I would have problems to explain, but let´s see…

I would start by saying it is definitely not your dream purchase, so forget “I shall not rest until I buy that car/house/boat or private island.” Your great cause is not something you can buy, it is not something you can trade and, above all, it is not something you use to feed your social media. As I see it, it is your mission, your quest, your goal in this incredibly crazy journey called life.

I wonder what would you call a great cause and how hard would you fight for it. I wonder if there is still a place for great causes in the world of today or if it became an old, rusty concept that sounds somehow misplaced.

I wonder a lot of things.

Be seeing you!


Hey, there! How is your February going so far? Weird? It could be worse, trust me.

If you ever been to or lived in Rio de Janeiro you know that February is deeply related to Carnaval, which is deeply related to dancing and singing in the streets, which is deeply related to being happy. Let me remind you that not even World War II had the power to interrupt the popular tradition. The perspective of a February without Carnaval is for me one of the most eloquent signs that things are far from being back on track. Since we have been dealing with the expression “new normal” for quite a while now, I would like to propose a reflection on what is “normal” to you.

As far as I remember, l have been called weird by family members. The reasons would vary: tastes, looks, opinions. Weird is my old normal, so to speak. One of the most frequently given reasons was the way I move my hands. Like Italians, Brazilians also speak with their hands, but apparently my gestures are too big, too wide, too much even for Latin standards. Of course I hated the comments and felt a bit ashamed for not fitting in, until I understood what was so peculiar about my gestures after all: they were perfect to fill the stage. No wonder they felt misplaced in mundane, domestic situations! Now try them during a performance and they seem meaningful and unique. In other words: weird in a nice way.

Changing the approach to things can be a very interesting, sometimes also very painful, but always rewarding exercise. Does it prevent you from still being called a weirdo? No. Do I gently smile each time I hear it? Yes, noblesse oblige, but let us be honest: who needs normal, when you can have grand?

Here is a practical example, so that you can make your own opinion about my stage gestures (feel free to subscribe to the channel!).

Be seeing you!

G. F.

Hey, there! Good to see you again. I wanted to write you earlier (missed my previous post?), but my computer needed a week off and I had to cope with that decision. Suddenly without the possibility of keeping my vibrating home office routine, which includes checking the news every three minutes and eventually writing a comment on the latest post about the politics in Brazil, I decided to finally rendering myself to one of the top hits of the pandemic: home baking. And now you are probably thinking: oh, no, making bread at home is so 2020! An outdated quarantine activity, lost somewhere together with balcony concerts and Zoom birthday parties.

Ok, but come on, don´t you have the impression that we are all trapped in a loop of lockdowns? Yesterday is the new tomorrow, so bread it is! While waiting for the dough to rise, I finally took care of that small pile of old books and repaired their ripped covers (transparent duct tape, you are welcome) and even advanced a few pages in my long procrastinated reading. The heat wave in Rio de Janeiro has also helped to pass the time. Since its arrival, my greatest achievement has been keeping my body temperature below the flammable range and, trust me, it´s not an easy task.

The bread was delicious and so were the naps I took after lunch (once there was even a gentle breeze) and when the tech guy sent me a message saying that my notebook was fixed, my first thought was: already? It is sure great to be back and, no doubt, there is a limit for the work you can do nowadays without a computer but all things considered, it was a rather nice week. Mindfulness is bliss.

Be seeing you!


Hey there! Glad to see you again! So, where did we stop? Let´s see… QuaranJazz! By now you´ve probably heard the last episode of QuaranJazz, the podcast that I´ve produced during 2020 and learned a lot more about me. No idea what I´m talking about? Check out my previous post or visit my website. Or just hop on. Things will get clearer eventually. That´s my mantra for this year.

Our reflection for today is about cleaning up stuff. Virtual stuff, such mailing lists, for example. Do you have one? I do! Would you like to be part of it? Sign up here. You know, mailing lists are a very sensitive topic. Lots of people will try to convince you that they are outdated, but I say they are more relevant than ever. That´s where the gold is, in many senses. A unique set of people that willingly decided to keep in contact with you means so much more than an incidental “like” on a post that accidentally crossed a timeline. Not to mention that social network platforms are very nice, but we all know that they come and go.

I´ve always been proud of my mailing list, but now I am especially fond of it. After updating it name by name, comment by comment, I´ve realized that I have a higher number of super fans than I imagined, and what a nice surprise to see how frequently people engage with my content! Well, it is not actually a surprise, since the information was already available in the reports. I just haven´t given them the attention they deserved until now. Cleaning is healing.

Be seeing you!


It´s January 15th and, according to myself, today is the deadline for starting to post regularly here, a long time item on my to do list, postponed to the limit, by the way, today. No more excuses! It´s been 40ºC in Rio for weeks, but you must keep your windows shut and curtains down most of the day because they´re repainting the building? No excuse! You don´t sleep well since 2018? No excuse! You feel hard to focus on writing, maybe because the world as we knew it, is basically coming to a, let´s say, new cycle and you´re not really sure that human beings will be part of it? No excuse! A New Year´s resolution must be taken seriously, even if some people say we´re in fact in 2020, season 2.

So, here I am and there you are and I assume that you expect something from me. A cheerful story or information everyone could use. A nice quote would do nicely, thank you. Make it double-motivational, please. And yet, I can´t think of a single topic, I don´t have a clue about what to tell you, despite my daily news overdose. Lockdown fatigue, fear, anger, a little bit of hope: welcome to my 2021 so far. Suddenly, a crazy idea comes to my mind: and what if you´re not expecting anything in particular, just a short, nice reading moment before you start working or whenever you want to take a break from it. Ok, this I can do. But if you are still uncertain and you´d rather know more about me, I´d recommend you to check out the last episode of my podcast QuaranJazz. Here´s the link: https://www.spreaker.com/episode/42657599

Stay home and safe, you all. Be seeing you!

Geisa F.