So Now (EP, 2018)

MAIN ARTIST: Geisa Fernandes GENDER: Vocal Jazz FORMAT: EP PRODUCED BY Santiago Tavella ASSOCIATED PRODUCERS: Geisa Fernandes and John A. Lent LABEL: INDEPENDENT MUSICAL DIRECTION AND ARRANGEMENTS: Guzmán Calzada SOUND AND MIXING ENGINEERING: Martín Tavella MUSICIANS: Guzmán Calzada: Guitar; Martin Tavella: Low; Seba Macció: Drums and Percussion Recorded at the studio El Cuarto Tavella, Montevideo between September and October 2016

A Good Man is Hard to Find ((Lizzie Miles) – So Now (EP, 2018)
Adorno (Geisa Fernandes ) – So Now ( EP, 2018)

Dommage (Geisa Fernandes) – So Now (EP, 2018)
So Now (Geisa Fernandes) – So Now, (EP, 2018 )

Nevermore (Music: Geisa Fernandes, Lyrics: extracts from The Reaven, by Edgar A. Poe) – So Now (EP, 2018)