Keep it cool or burn out

Hey, there! Good to see you again. I wanted to write you earlier (missed my previous post?), but my computer needed a week off and I had to cope with that decision. Suddenly without the possibility of keeping my vibrating home office routine, which includes checking the news every three minutes and eventually writing a comment on the latest post about the politics in Brazil, I decided to finally rendering myself to one of the top hits of the pandemic: home baking. And now you are probably thinking: oh, no, making bread at home is so 2020! An outdated quarantine activity, lost somewhere together with balcony concerts and Zoom birthday parties.

Ok, but come on, don´t you have the impression that we are all trapped in a loop of lockdowns? Yesterday is the new tomorrow, so bread it is! While waiting for the dough to rise, I finally took care of that small pile of old books and repaired their ripped covers (transparent duct tape, you are welcome) and even advanced a few pages in my long procrastinated reading. The heat wave in Rio de Janeiro has also helped to pass the time. Since its arrival, my greatest achievement has been keeping my body temperature below the flammable range and, trust me, it´s not an easy task.

The bread was delicious and so were the naps I took after lunch (once there was even a gentle breeze) and when the tech guy sent me a message saying that my notebook was fixed, my first thought was: already? It is sure great to be back and, no doubt, there is a limit for the work you can do nowadays without a computer but all things considered, it was a rather nice week. Mindfulness is bliss.

Be seeing you!


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