My first time: Clueless

It´s January 15th and, according to myself, today is the deadline for starting to post regularly here, a long time item on my to do list, postponed to the limit, by the way, today. No more excuses! It´s been 40ºC in Rio for weeks, but you must keep your windows shut and curtains down most of the day because they´re repainting the building? No excuse! You don´t sleep well since 2018? No excuse! You feel hard to focus on writing, maybe because the world as we knew it, is basically coming to a, let´s say, new cycle and you´re not really sure that human beings will be part of it? No excuse! A New Year´s resolution must be taken seriously, even if some people say we´re in fact in 2020, season 2.

So, here I am and there you are and I assume that you expect something from me. A cheerful story or information everyone could use. A nice quote would do nicely, thank you. Make it double-motivational, please. And yet, I can´t think of a single topic, I don´t have a clue about what to tell you, despite my daily news overdose. Lockdown fatigue, fear, anger, a little bit of hope: welcome to my 2021 so far. Suddenly, a crazy idea comes to my mind: and what if you´re not expecting anything in particular, just a short, nice reading moment before you start working or whenever you want to take a break from it. Ok, this I can do. But if you are still uncertain and you´d rather know more about me, I´d recommend you to check out the last episode of my podcast QuaranJazz. Here´s the link:

Stay home and safe, you all. Be seeing you!

Geisa F.


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