Gathering your assets

It is time to get all those resolutions out of your mind and into the real world. Welcome to the first week of the year! I know it might seem kind of hard to believe that you can do things differently this time, because you have already made and broken your promises in years past. Trust me, you are not alone.

That said, follow me: Do you remember how you had to change a lot of things in your life in 2020 and try different ways to work, have fun and interact with other people? It was very difficult, but you learned to adapt to an unexpected situation and to improvise, which is always a very useful tool. For all that, I really believe it is possible to break some small patterns that can lead to big changes in the medium and long terms.

All well and good, but it often feels like the year started without us and all you want to know is how to catch up with the delay. If it sounds amiliar, maybe you can try a little trick that works for me. It is actually not even a trick, but just a procedure: I gather all my assets and see how I can organize them. Some practical examples?

In January I celebrate the tenth anniversary of my first album. so I am think of some kind of celebration (more details next week, stay tuned). A little later, in March, I celebrate the fifth anniversary of my Latin Jazz EP La Nueva Milonga, and last but certainly not least, in October it is time to celebrate the fifth annyversary of the traditional vocal jazz EP So Now.

Regardless of other projects that may (will) emerge along the way, these three personal milestones will serve as a guide to plan the main actions of the year that begins. Notice that so far I have not mentioned any new production, but only material I already own, such as recording leftovers, unreleased tracks or behind-the-scenes stories.

Now think about your own assets: how many interesting things remain unpublished or forgotten for one reason or another? What can you do with them? How many important moments do you have to celebrate with your fans?

Even if the beginning of the year is an uncertain period for you, it is worth taking a few days to get organized and gather the assets you already have. I am sure that, just like in the story of the blue bird, you will be amazed by the amount of hidden treasures you will find in your own backyard.

Be seeing you!


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