Today I read a post from a publisher saying that she had received a letter (yes, a real letter, handwritten and all) from an author. In short: she replied, also by letter, inviting the author to tea.

What a cool story! And I say this not just for the classic bold-move-with-happy-ending factor (I have always been a sucker for that), but also for the, shall we say, side effect: in these times of isolation and algorithmically dictated relationships, having tea with a pen pal sounds almost like a Tibetan monk ritual.

How would you like to get a letter inviting you out for tea (or coffee, or beer)? I would love it, I confess. Between us, if I could, that would be exactly what I would do to celebrate my new single, Pele Adentro, coming out tomorrow.

The single marks five years since the March 1, 2018 debut of my EP La Nueva Milonga. In the show of the same name, accompanied by a guest musician, I sing and tell stories about the influence of Argentina and Uruguay on the Brazilian musical tradition.

The project gave me the opportunity to share the stage with great musicians from different regions, such as the southern guitarist Sulimar Rass and the Venezuelan pianist Silvano Pagliuca-Mena, but do you know what the word milonga means?

The term first appears at the end of the 19th century and refers to gatherings in the outskirts of Buenos Aires and Montevideo with dancing, singing and music, especially rhythms inspired by the Cuban habanera and Spanish tango, incorporated into the rioplatense tango.

Well, since it will not be possible for us to get all together for a onsite milonga, I invite you to dance and have fun right there where you are (“in all the pretty places in your head”, as Stevie Wonder says) to the sound of Pele Adentro.

Click here, choose your favourite streaming platform and enjoy!

Be seeing you!



I am Sagittarian. December 19th is my birthday and no, this is not a bad thing “because you probably get just one present for both Christmas and birthday, right?”

Wrong! Wrong! All wrong! You might find it hard to believe, but most people tend to be generous to December born kids. Why? Maybe because of our tremendous charisma (ha, ha) or maybe it is just a nice side effect of the season.

Actually, December-born folks believe they are kind of blessed for being born close to Christmas. I mean, do they decorate the city on your birthday´s month?

We are aware it is not for us, but still a tiny part of our hearts is convinced that all the fuzz in December, must have something to do with our birthday. Go ahead and ask any Sagittarian, but I warn you: it is hard to discuss with a Centaurus carrying a bow and arrow.

Under the influence of Jupiter, we want to expand the limits of the body, mind and soul. It may be a beautiful thing, but it can also lead to all sorts of excesses and self-indulging experiences. Reaching for the stars, Sagittarians hate to deal with daily mundane conflicts, but are always ready (and glad to) discuss politics, religion or any other “hard subject”, the ones people usually avoid. Crazy, you think? So do we.

A true member of the Sagittarius Club, Argentinian iconic singer and songwriter Carlos Gardel was born on December 11th 1890 and and in his homage today is celebrated Tango Day.

I have a complete EP on cumbias and tangos, recorded in Montevideo, with local musicians. It is called La Nueva Milonga. The selection of the repertoire involved a lot of research on the typical rhythms of the Río de la Plata region, including the overlaps with the Brazilian music.

The influence of tango in Brazil is the motto for the podcast La Nueva Milonga – Tango e Música Brasileira, available now in all major streaming platforms.

Native speaker or Portuguese language lover, enjoy yourself!

Be seeing you!

G. F.