How to describe that moment, right after the third bell, when it’s time to go on stage? Anxiety? Fear? Happiness? Probably each artist will have their own definition. Mine is a mix of all of that, added to some components that I do not know how to define (state of super concentration? heightened senses?), because I do not think about it, I just enjoy feeling it. Not so clear? I know, but it is a kind of trance, and how can you define a trance? Could you? Hu?

The moment a concert starts is magical, spiritual, transcedent, but until it comes… what a hard time! I and you what I am talking about, my friend. I am just coming a awesome concert (great audience, good merch sale, lots of fun on stage etc) , preceeded by a bad night. A really bad couple of nights, to be true.

Why?, you are thinking. What happened? Nothing but a simple cold, caused probably by the very stressful situation of producing a show, as an independent musician. If you know what I mean, you have probably experienced a something similar and will relate to my story.

Twenty-four hours before the concert I texted my musician: “We may have to cancel the gig. I will give you a final word tomorrow at ten”. Six-thirty in th morning I was walking up and down my living room, still unsure about what to do.

My nostrils were finally free (a sine qua non condition for singing, as you know), after a couple of breathing-through-the-mouth nights and that was a great pro to keep the gig, on the con side, I was unsure about the quality of my voz as it was. Furthermore, I was unsure about how long this conditon would last.

Drama enough for you for the morning of gig night?

After talking to my dear friends S. and F., which were kind enough to take their time and talk to me, in order to check how my voice sonded, I decided to keep the gig. And I am sure glad I took this somehow riskful decision.

After all, you have to earn Showtime.

Be seeing you!

G. F.

Hello, there! How are things going? First of all, I would like to apologize for the long time since my last post. I´ve been quite busy, since the announcement of the semifinalists of the Rádio MEC Music Festival. One of the reasons is that the organizers asked for a promo video. A super complex production, aiming for the Oscar? No, not at all. Actually, they only asked for an innocent one minute mobile phone video, no post production elements needed. Something you would do in five, ten minutes max, right? For me, it takes the whole day and the final result hardly pleases me, so I repeat and repeat…

Call me perfectionist, call me unskilled, but the fact is that I hate to make videos of myself and I often decline such invitations, but this time I had to face the challenge. I know how important it is to have a real person talking to you, when we you are asking people to vote for your song.

In this short video, I introduce myself and explain that I´m honored to be a semifinalist on the festival and that my song, Depois do Verão, is an ode to better days, that shall come to all of us. Oh, and in the background you can see a collage with the many versions of the art for the cover of my first album. Still didn´t vote for Depois do Verão? Click here and vote for me, dear citizen! 🙂

And last but not least, I would like to tell you that earlier this month, I got my International Jazz Day 2021 participation certificate. I must confess that I was a tiny little bit sad because my poster was not on the global artwork page (it is silly, I know, very silly), but it´s all gone now. Signed by the UNESCO Goodwill Ambassador for Intercultural Dialogue, Mr. Herbie Hancock, that certificate made my day. Thank you very much and until next year, Herbie!

Be seeing you!