Angry on March 8th

Disclaimer. This is a post written under the state of full anger.

Every year is the same. As soon as the dawn of the eigthth day of March arrives they come to light: the “happy Women´s Day” messages. So cute, so pink, so infuriating… It is probably just me, but I can´t help the uneasy feeling.

I try to keep a low profile and ignore the group messages, but people contact me in private messages. The best reply I can do in this cases is sending a smiley emoji. I know their intention is good, but what happened to this important, necessary and combative date is a real shame.

Somehow Women´s Day is now presented with some sort of “Disney princess filter”, which covers all the political meaning and historical importance of it. And women are buying the version. Why? It might be that the “princess filter” is blurring our perception, but, sisters, roses and candies? Come on!

Pretending that Women´s Day is a spin-off of Valentine´s Day is outrageous, to say the least, and I won´t even bother to explain the obvious.

I told you I was angry.

Be seeing you!


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