Big concerts versus small concerts

Last Saturday I went to a music concert. A big production, performed on a huge kind-of-modern-but-tasteless-inside-a-mall music hall.

Yes, I know this is not a very unbiased way to start a piece, but today I am going to take a day off from bias and simply express my impressions of this experience. It all started with my sister’s adoration of an actor who is also a romantic singer with his own band.

Accompanying her was the only reason I stopped my hectic pre-production routine for my next concerts, getting into a car for more than an hour until I reached a neighborhood I do not like (among other things because it is projected for cars and pedestrians feel, well, wrong), with lots of of shopping centers until we reached one of them where a gigantic concert hall is placed.

So far, everything is bad, but it gets worse: for this type of mega-event it is necessary to arrive in advance, which in the end means looking for a long time at the screens next to the stage, on which the concerts of the house for the coming months are presented. The problem is that bright lights that are too close bother me deeply. Alright, we have come this far… let us move on.

The show finally starts and, in addition to the crooner, there are eight musicians on stage, including a single (!) backing vocalist, whose voice is digitally multiplied.The repertoire is vast, the band is very good and the girl does what she can, but besides lining up one hit after another, I learned little about the former heartthrob, whose face, by the way, was much prettier before the procedures. And, yes, I wanted to know more about him.

Strictly speaking about the music, I was expecting more variation in the song format (a duet, at least). After half an hour, everything sounded kind of the same, kind of repetitive and my attention was already on other things, like the high ticket prices, my tight budget and all the challenges of being an independent artist.

Amid this ocean of thoughts, one stood out: my small concert, in a small theater, looking directly at my audience, seemed to me an incredible, unique, special experience. And it all made sense again.

Be seeing you!


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